Divide the cable into more branches Heat shrink clip small medium large extra large

Heat Shrinkable Cable Repair Branch off clip Heat Shrinkable Cable Repair Branch off clip Features     Casted by aluminum  Operating temperature: -25~90ºC     Coated by&n

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Heat Shrinkable Cable Repair Branch off clip 
Heat Shrinkable Cable Repair Branch off clip 
     Casted by aluminum  Operating temperature: -25~90ºC
     Coated by high temperature adhesive  Shrink temperature: 135ºC
      Molded by EVA or PA hot melt  Halogen free
      Four types: small, middle, big and super big  RoHS compliant 
Reference           Code           SizesInner Adhesive
UPM  (mm) 
Small  S65*28EVA or PA 
Medium  M85*40EVA or PA 
Large L104*59EVA or PA 
Extra Large XL127*68EVA or PA 
Typical application
  Wide used in the heat-shrinkable tubing made the continuation of communication cable branch , 
   can one  divides into two, into three, then achieve a variety of cable perfect branch. 
     Standard color : Black
     Standard packaging by pieces
      Please specify specification, customized length, quantity when ordering

UPM history
In 2002, UPM was established in Dalian, China to manufacture heat shrink materials.
In 2003,UPM began selling products for shipyard and the high voltage switchgear cabinet industry.
In 2005, UPM became an approved global supplier to Siemens for High Voltage Switchgear .
In 2006, UPM began selling products to the automotive industry.
In 2007, UPM began producing heat shrink connectors, CE approved.
In 2008, UPM expanded the product line to include power cable accessories.
In 2009, UPM began producing products for the telecommunications industry.
In 2010, UPM expanded the production capability to include a variety of Moulded parts.
In 2011, UPM expanded their manufacturing expertise to include triple-layer co-extrusion products.
In 2012, UPM brought in more automated machineries used in extrusion, co-extrusion, expansion and splicing processes.
In 2013, UPM received UL486D certification for the S3(h ) and S3(nh) product lines.
In 2014, UPM began to sell triple layer tube for cable joint
In 2015, Co-extrusion tube with adhesive tube sold well.
In 2016, More products got UL 224 approval.
More news coming up... Let's shrink the world together. Let's choose Union Polymer.
Since its founding, UPM has distinguished itself with excellent product quality, comprehensive customized after-sales service, and timely delivery. Strong R&D and innovation are the core components for the sustainable growth of UPM. UPM's manufacturing plant is now 3 times larger than the original facility. The in-house 3MeV Dynamitron (3MeV E-Beam) equipment enables UPM to maintain quality control over the entire supply chain from formulation, compounding & granulation, extrusion, cross-linked radiation, expansion, adhesive application, slicing, printing, and packaging. New products are continuously being added to our product line to meet customer needs.

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