UEBD50 Self-mixing semi-conductive tape/insulating tape/butyl rubber/moisture permeable/repair/sealing

UEBD50-Self-amalgamating semi-conductive tape UEBD50 is EPR (ethylene propylene rubber) basedself-amalgamating semi-conductive tape.It is void free and shelf stable, with stableconductivity cover a wide temperature range. Theexcellent stretch allows conformability to complexshapes. It is compatible with all types of polymer

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UEBD50-Self-amalgamating semi-conductive tape
UEBD50 is EPR (ethylene propylene rubber) based
self-amalgamating semi-conductive tape.
It is void free and shelf stable, with stable
conductivity cover a wide temperature range. The
excellent stretch allows conformability to complex
shapes. It is compatible with all types of polymeric
insulated cable up to 132kV.
UEBD50 Self-Amalgamating Semi-conductive Tape/ Insulation Tape/Butyl Rubber/Moisture Penetration/Repairing/Sealing


 Based on EPR.
 Good conducting properties.
 Normal operation temperature: 90°C.
 Capable of operation at emergency overload temperature: 130°C.
 Excellent stretch, moisture, corrosion and chemical resistance.

Standard size
 19mm×4.5m, 5m,10m
 Other sizes can be available upon to request



 For electrostatic shielding on high voltage terminations and splices.
 To electrically round out high voltage connectors and to bond to insulating materials to minimize electrical stresses.
 Continue semi-conducting strand shielding found in polymeric insulated cables at 5kV and above.
 Semi-conductive layer replacement of similar cables in case of screening damage.
 Make conductive portion of stress cone of power cable termination on polymeric insulated cable.
 Shielding bus and overhead connections.
 Cross reference: 3M Scotch 13, Plymouth 17 Plyshield.

 Technical data
Technical specification Test method Typical value
Physical and chemical properties
Color - Black
Thickness - 0.6, 0.7, 0.76mm
Tensile strength ASTM-D-4325 2.8MPa
Elongation at break ASTM-D-4325 800%
Fusion - Pass
Heat resistance ASTM-D-4325 130°C (266°F)
Continuous operation temperature ASTM-D-4325 90°C (194°F)
Emergency operation temperature ASTM-D-4325 130°C (266°F)
UV resistance ASTM-D-4325 Pass
Volume resistivity ASTM-D-4325 ≥103Ω·cm

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