Waterproof neutral black silicone caulk sealant

300ml Neutral Cure Black Silicone CaulkYESEAL STONE SILICONE SEALANT Ideal for use with sensitive natural stone such as marble, sandstone and granite Contains fungicides to combat mould growthFlexible sealant for use in tile movement and connecting jointsEasy to apply and smooth off, with low odorUV and weather resistantWat

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300ml Neutral Cure Black Silicone Caulk

YESEAL STONE SILICONE SEALANT Ideal for use with sensitive natural stone such as marble, sandstone and granite Contains fungicides to combat mould growth
Flexible sealant for use in tile movement and connecting joints
Easy to apply and smooth off, with low odor
UV and weather resistant
Water-resistant - suitable for wet areas such as showers and underwater joints such as swimming pools Use as a bond breaker with YESEAL waterproofing membranes Internal and external, wall and floor
Low VOC content - meets Green Building

YESEAL STONE SILICONE SEALANT  is a unique, neutral curing silicone sealant with good adhesion properties yet is easy to apply and smooth. It is also characterized by its antifungal agents to combat mold growth and its noncorrosive properties. Once cured it forms a permanently elastic, water-resistant seal that is able to accommodate movement up to 20% of the original joint width. YESEAL STONE SILICNE SEALANT is a superior performing neutral cure silicone for all sensitive natural stone applications. The unique formula is free of standard ingredients that are present in acetic and most neutral cure silicones, which can cause staining of natural stone.

The cured silicone is strong enough to be used on floor joints and stair treads from 12-15mm, and is resistant to all climatic influences such as UV, commonly used cleaners and disinfectants. Being a neutral cure, YESEAL STONE SILICONE SEALANT is also suitable for use with all YESEAL waterproofing membranes and can also be used in underwater joints such as in swimming pools.

USE YESEAL STONE SILICONE SEALANT  is ideal for applications such as movement joints (between tiles); corners (tiled wall and floor); connecting joints between tiled surface and bench tops, bath edges, cupboards and splashbacks. It is especially good where these applications involve sensitive natural stone due to the absence of ingredients that can cause discoloration. Ideal areas of application include bathrooms, showers, and kitchens; doors, windows and fixtures; natural stone wall and floor tiling in living areas, balconies, patios, and facades. Also suitable for use in joints that will be immersed, such as swimming pools.

SUBSTRATES YESEAL STONE SILICONE SEALANT is ideal for moisture sensitive natural stone prone to staining, such as marble, gneiss, granite, sandstone and limestone. It can also be used on glazed and unglazed tiles, enamel, laminated kitchen benches, aluminum, concrete, glass, porcelain, waterproofing membranes, wood and sanitary acrylics.

PREPARATION Joints and surfaces must be firm, sound, dry, clean and free from grease, oil, dirt, soap and old paints. To achieve a neater finish and to avoid getting silicone on the tile or stone, mask joint edges with tape. If the silicone is to be applied to copper or brass surfaces, ensure that air is able to circulate.

JOINT DESIGN Where possible, the silicone should be at a 2:1 ratio (width:depth). For internal joints the width and the depth of the joint should be minimum 5mm, and for external joints 10mm. Maximum joint width is 30mm and depth 15mm. For joints greater than 10mm deep a backing rod should be used. The silicone should only be fixed to two surfaces to allow movement. Hence on flat joints use a polyethylene tape or release agent to prevent a 3 side adhesion of the silicone. Please observe the following depth of silicone in regard to the width of the joint:
5-10mmas width min 5mm
APPLICATION YESEAL STONE SILICONE SEALANT Apply at temperatures between 5°C to 40°C. Trim end of nozzle to obtain the correct bead width and place cartridge in applicator gun. Apply sealant in a steady continuous bead ensuring good contact with both sides of the joint to achieve the required adhesion. Tool off with a silicone applicator to finish the joint smoothly before a skin forms, approximately 10 minutes. While the silicone is still wet, clean off any excess. If joint edges have been masked, remove tape whist the sealant is still wet. It is possible to work in sections as YESEAL adheres excellently to already cured YESEAL silicone if it is dry and free from dust. If the silicone has dried on the surface, clean with white spirit solvent to soften the silicone then scrape off with a blade. COVERAGE Coverage will vary according to joint width and depth, as well as the type and method of application. The figures below can be used as a guide for flat joints.

Technical Data

 Appearance Smooth paste without bubble or particles. Smooth paste without bubble or particles. Smooth paste without bubble or particles. Smooth paste without bubble or particles.
 Available Color Clear; White; Black and another special color Clear; White; Black and another special color Clear; White; Black and another special color Clear; White; Black and another special color
 Specific Gravity(another color) 1.40g/ml 1.42g/ml 1.43g/ml 1.45g/ml
 Specific Gravity(Clear) 1.0g/ml 0.99g/ml 0.98g/ml 0.97g/ml
 Skin Time 10mins 10-15min 10-15min 10-15min
 Cure Time 20-24hours 20-24hours 22-26hours 30-48hours
 Tensile Strength 1.5Mpa 1.4Mpa 1.3Mpa 1.2Mpa
 Elongation at break >400% >400% >400% 300%
 Hardness Shore A 40 38 37 35
 Working Temperature -40ºC-260ºC -40ºC-260ºC -40ºC-260ºC -40ºC-260ºC
 Shelf Life ≥12 months(store below 32ºC) ≥12 months(store below 33ºC) ≥12 months(store below 34ºC) ≥12 months(store below 35ºC)
Package :
Cartridge package: 280ml, 300ml /pc ,  24 pcs/ carton.
Sausage package: 590ml, 600ml/pc , 20 pcs /carton.
Waterproof Neutral Black Silicone Caulk Sealant

Waterproof Neutral Black Silicone Caulk Sealant
12 months stored in cool(below 27°C), dry, and ventilated places.

Avoid long-term contact with skin.
Avoid contact with food, medicine or cosmetics, etc.
Place carefully and ensure that the children keep away from the sealant.
In case of contacting with eyes, wash with plenty of water immediately.

Method of application:
1. Surfaces, where silicon shall be applied, must be cleaned, dried and free of grease.
2. Inject the sealant by a hand-operated or pneumatic caulking gun and fill the sealant in the joints. For better appearance, cover outside of the joint areas with masking tapes before application. Remove the masking tapes immediately after finishing.

Waterproof Neutral Black Silicone Caulk Sealant

Estimated consumption amount:

Standard cartridge packaged of silicone sealant, 300ml net volume. 
Seal length unit: meter


Seal Width(mm)

Seal Depth(mm)




























The Color of Silicone Sealant 
Waterproof Neutral Black Silicone Caulk Sealant

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Waterproof Neutral Black Silicone Caulk Sealant




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